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Join Us!

NOVA Roller Derby has so many ways that you can get involved with our league—we have many choices for skaters that will fit all skill levels and that have different levels of time commitment. We even have options for getting involved that don’t require skating!


NRD takes new skaters through our New Skater Training program. If you have no derby experience or need to brush up on your skills, this is the path for you. Participants will start with skills and drills and progress through light contact and onto full contact once evaluated. 

Interested skaters should contact us any time! We will email you within a week to provide further information. All skaters must be at least 18 years old and have their own insurance prior to beginning the program.


Any derby skater who has previously a) passed an assessment – MADE, WFTDA, MRDA, or equivalent – and b) has played in at least one competitive bout is eligible to transfer into NOVA Roller Derby at any time. Interested skaters should contact our skater rep at - further details will be discussed with our training team and we will email you with additional information.


Are you a skater with another league who’s going to be in northern Virginia and looking for some practice time? We welcome visiting skaters that meet the Transfer Skater criteria above to join us for practice – just contact our skater rep at before you arrive in the area and will get back to you with details.


Do you have what it takes to rock the zebra print or NSO wear, and become a part of our league in another capacity? We hope you do! Referees and NSOs are valuable parts of our league, and we can’t skate without them! Becoming a ref or NSO is a great way to get familiar with Derby without the full commitment of skating. Interested? Contact us for more details.


We can always use help at home bouts setting up and making sure everything runs smoothly. Volunteering also means free admission to the bout and typically means performing your job for half of the event. Interested? Get in touch!

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