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About Us

NOVA Roller Derby is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit flat track roller derby league based in Northern Virginia. NOVA Roller Derby (NRD) is a competitive sports organization whose motto is “Skate hard. Give back.” We strive to improve individual athleticism, self-discipline, and character while promoting team unity. Our program provides structured training, instruction, and competition, preparing our members to represent NRD at a national level. We are dedicated to providing community outreach through events, activities, and charity sponsorship.


We skate with pride and purpose to make the sport of roller derby fun for skaters, volunteers, and spectators alike. Our league is run entirely by skaters volunteering their free time and talents. We are active participants in the broader roller derby community and the local Northern Virginia community in which we skate, live, and work.


Our roller derby league was founded on communication and inclusiveness. Our members have two common goals: to provide more options for roller derby play in Northern Virginia and to serve our community through volunteerism. Skate hard, give back!


We value honesty, integrity, fairness, and courage from all skaters. NOVA Roller Derby is all about teamwork, mutual support, caring, and respect for skaters, other teams, volunteers, and our fans. We strive to inspire others and make a positive difference while promoting health, fitness, and well-being; we change lives for the better.

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