A few years ago, my kids wanted to go roller-skating. I hadn’t been on skates since I was in high school, which was over 20 years ago, but I remembered how fun it was and thought we would have a nice afternoon. As soon as I got back onto the rink, I was hooked all over again.

I saw signs for NOVA Roller Derby up at Skate-N-Fun Zone and thought it would be amazing to skate like that, but surely I wasn’t good enough. I checked their website anyway and saw a training program that was about to start – Fresh Meat. Scared to death and not knowing anyone else involved, I signed up.

I forgot my mouth guard on the first day of the training, which is required to skate, and immediately found women who wanted to help. Someone had one I could borrow and after much mouthwash, soap and water, I was good to go. “Bambi on Ice” is what we called ourselves most days, but each week skills like plow stops and transitions became easier; we skated lower, and we skated faster – much faster. I used to get in trouble for skating too fast in high school. Now that speed is welcomed, encouraged, I pushed it to the max, and I love it!

We (the Fresh Meat class) skated our first bout on June 24 and got drafted to home teams in our league. The journey here has been nothing short of awesome. The women in NRD are encouraging, supportive and competitive and we have been welcomed onto the teams with open arms. To get here, it takes hard work, a strong desire to achieve and most of all, a love of skating. Think you have what it takes? Come out to Booty Camp on July 24, or sign up for our next Fresh Meat class. A love of tacos doesn’t hurt either.

– Stevie Kicks

Photo Credit: ©2017 Jack Tomlinson

Historically, new recruits to roller derby were often referred to as “Fresh Meat.”  The Meat Locker series will include personal stories from our latest class of graduates from boot camp who just played in their first bout and drafted to home teams last weekend.  Please check back for the next edition, and if you’re interested in trying roller derby, we have a 3-hour skating session session coming up on 7/24 and will also have some gear to lend out, so that you can try it before full commitment.  This event allows you to strap on some skates and learn the basics of roller derby in a low-pressure and fun environment.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at recruitment@novarollerderby.com.